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Sellers and purchasers

There are so many things that can go wrong on a viewing, lets start by looking at a seller. The home is on the market, the agent calls and says "I've got some people to view your property" What should I do?

  • Bake some Bread

  • make freshly ground coffee

  • Lay out afternoon tea, complete with scones.... (Jam first please!)

NO! - none of that - my first tip about successfully showing your property is for you not to be there!

I know it's tempting, after all you know how the property works, what are the best features etc. But seriously, it just puts people off.

On a recent viewing, the vendor was at the property and insisted on showing the client how every drawer worked in the kitchen. It's not necessary and in this particular case, cost the seller the sale.


Even if you are selling your holiday pad, move out some furniture, move out the bookcases, present the property in the best possible light.

Purchasers - First viewing

  • Arrive on time

    • The agent should have gone in ahead of you and opened the shutters to get as much light inside as possible.

  • While that is going on, please stay outside.

Now here's a thing - on the first viewing you do not need to video every room...
  • Instead take a quick photo to remind you about the property when you are discussing it later.

  • A video at this stage is too intrusive - the seller might be living there and might have personal items on show. my advice would be that it is not needed at this stage.

Purchasers - Second viewing

Having made a commitment, then it's ok to video the property.

Hopefully this helps with your selling and viewings.

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Neal 1/6/21

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